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Google search on Japanese cellphones

The search giant will integrate its technology into telco KDDI's mobile Internet service, and provide direct access to various information.
Written by Aaron Tan, Contributor

Japanese telco KDDI is incorporating Google search into its EZ Web Internet service.

From July this year, KDDI's "au" mobile phone customers will be able to search and access content formatted for mobile and PC platforms.

"The adoption of Google's search engine will make EZ Web searches easier, while enabling direct access to information sought by users," KDDI said in a statement Tuesday.

The beefed-up service will provide direct access to music, applications, books and magazines, shopping and other categories of information.

Text advertisements will be placed alongside search results--similar to what users see when they perform a Google search on a PC.

Both companies said they hope to invigorate Japan's mobile Internet market with the new service.

KDDI's au service has been popular with Japanese music lovers for its range of exclusive cellphone designs and music downloads. The company pioneered a variety of wireless services and business models in Japan, including mobile music and location-based services. It was also the first to introduce flat-rate data plans in the country.

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