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Google Wi-Fi aims to improve your home's wireless network

Google Wi-fi sounds simple, looks good, and is expandable.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

During a special Made By Google event on Tuesday, Google announced a pair of new phones, an upgraded Chromecast, and its always-on Google Home speaker.

Google also revealed its own wireless network product, called Google Wifi.

Here's how it works: users place a series of small, white devices around the home. Each device broadcasts a wireless network, while simultaneously interacting and communicating with one another to maximize network speed and coverage.

Google developed a feature called Network Assist that will monitor you as you move around with a device, such as a phone or tablet, and ensure your device has a strong and reliable connection at all times.

A companion app for Android and iOS devices will give you full control over your wireless network, including parental controls for the devices your children use. For example, Google states you can pause the wireless connection on your child's device in a last ditch effort to get him or her to join you at the dinner table.

Google Wi-Fi will be available for preorder in November, priced at $129 for one unit. A bundle of three, for those with a larger home, is priced at $299. Google Wi-Fi will begin shipping in December.

Arguably the biggest competitor to Google Wifi is Eero. The company made a big splash last year with its mesh network-enabled Wi-Fi routers. However, Eero is priced higher than Google Wi-Fi, with a three pack of routers listed at $499.

Alongside Google Wi-Fi, the search giant announced an update to its Chromecast streaming device. Chromecast Ultra is 4K capable, now includes an ethernet port on the power adapter, and wireless improvements that make the device 1.8 times faster, according to Google. Ultra will retail for $69.

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