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Government launches e-learning taskforce

The group will be looking to improve e-learning for students in further education
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

A new government taskforce was launched on Thursday to investigate e-learning opportunities for students over the age of 16.

The initiative will extend the government's e-learning strategy beyond the compulsory stage of education. It will help to raise educational standards within colleges, but will not be applicable to universities.

Launching the taskforce, the education and skills secretary Estelle Morris said, "the potential for e-learning is enormous, and we are already seeing the many benefits in our schools. It is equally important that we explore the opportunities that ICT offers for those young people in colleges and lifelong learning."

The taskforce will be chaired by Steve Morrison, head of Granada, and will include representatives from further education colleges, voluntary organisations, the government and industry.

"In the vast and variable world of post-compulsory education, e-learning can provide an even more vital tool for raising standards than it does in the school classroom," said Morrison. "Through the use of multimedia we aim to find ways to widen participation, support students and staff, and raise educational standards."

Morrison has pledged to deliver an e-learning strategy to the secretary of state later this year, in consultation with other educational advisory bodies. The taskforce will consider the potential for an e-learning curriculum, as well as the option of work-based learning.

This is the first time that electronic learning has been considered for further education. The taskforce will link up with the Department for Education and Skills' e-Learning Strategy Unit.

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