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Hard drive makers hatch huge new year plans

The new year will bring a host of high-capacity 3.5in hard drives for desktop users in need of more space.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Seagate will in January add 3.2Gb and 4.3Gb 3.5-inch hard drives to its Medalist line. The products have average seek times of 12ms.

Quantum will early next year offer three new lines, led by the 1.6Gb, 4.3Gb and 6.4Gb Fireball ST at 10ms access speeds. The firm will also next year ship 2.1Gb, 4.3Gb and 6.4Gb versions of its 5.25in Bigfoot CY budget drives. Also new will be the entry-level Pioneer SG at 1Gb and 2.1Gb capacities.

Removable cartridge hard drive maker SyQuest will finally release the 1.3Gb SyJet drive in January. The external SCSI model is priced at £349 with one free cartridge. 1.3Gb cartridges cost £60, with 650Mb cartridges at £40.

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