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Hello Hulu Plus, can my Roku now let me cancel cable TV?

Roku just announced a content partnership with Hulu Plus and it looks like I can finally cut the cable TV service and enjoy the latest shows on my TV.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I only watch a few select shows on TV because I am just too busy with my three daughters and life in general and really hate paying something like $75 a month for fairly basic cable TV access. I have the newest Roku XDS and have been hoping that someday there would be enough content on it to let me cut the cable TV off and it looks like that may just be possible this fall now that Roku just announced that Hulu Plus is coming this fall. I received my beta invite to Hulu Plus, but have held off signing up and paying the $9.99 per month fee because I didn't care to watch content on my iPad and computer. Now that the Roku will give my Hulu Plus access on the big screen I see Comcast cable TV going away very soon.

While I enjoy the current Roku Netflix streaming integration and tons of other enjoyable content, the fact that I will now be able to watch every episode of the current season of shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox I think the Roku becomes an even more compelling product than the Apple TV. You will have to pay the $9.99 monthly Hulu Plus fee, but there will be no additional cost to allow the Roku to bring that content to the big screen. My primary shows include The Office, Law and Order, and Parenthood and they are all available via Hulu Plus.

I do enjoy watching sports, but honestly I don't have much time for it and if I want to catch the occasional NFL game I might as well save some money and just go to the local bar to enjoy a good game. Does this deal with Hulu push you to cut your cable TV service? If not, what will it take?

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