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High-Speed Networking: silicon.com Hot Topic now live

We talk LAN, CAN, MAN and more - you get the idea...
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor

We talk LAN, CAN, MAN and more - you get the idea...

silicon.com has launched its latest Hot Topic (http://www.silicon.com/hsn ), pulling together a range of articles and video features about networking technologies, with a particular focus on Gigabit Ethernet. Ethernet is a standard LAN protocol these days, and has revolutionised computing. But what comes next? We consider the maturity of Gigabit Ethernet versus technologies such as ATM and upcoming wireless standards, and ask if it can make it in the metropolitan area network (MAN). To make life easier, we have also produced one of our handy 'Cheat Sheets' on the subject and launched our 'Technologies That Time Forgot' series with a look at old - and redundant? - networking protocols. Bookmark this latest Hot Topic page if you like, as it will be updated over coming weeks with breaking news and analysis. (http://www.silicon.com/hsn ).
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