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HP says 'life means life' for switch warranties

Company hopes web-based management and lifetime warranties will help convince small and large businesses to adopt its ProCurve switches
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor

HP has laid down a challenge to 3Com and Cisco with the launch of five new Layer 2, stackable Ethernet switches which come with lifetime warranties in which life means life, the company claims.

Due to be launched on 1 September, the brand new 1800 series consists of two models, the 8G and 24G, which retail at £115 and £273. The 2510 costs £237 and is a new model in the 2500 series, which includes the 2512 and the 2524.

HP is also making much of the lifetime warranty on the devices. While other companies offer limited warranties which cover certain components, Nick Hancock, technical consultant with ProCurve, says HP's warranties are more comprehensive. "This covers everything, including fans, and if we have to replace a product and can't because it has been replaced with a new model, the customer will get the new model." he said.

While HP maintains the switches are suitable for companies "of all sizes", the 1800 Series and the 2510-24 are really aimed at SMBs and up. Like the 1800 8G, the 2510 has no power supply. According to Hancock, this is one reason why the model can be pitched at a lower price and offers very high reliability.

Katie Trippet, industry analyst at the Synergy Research Group, says HP is successfully targeting the networking needs of the small, medium and large customer. "With this new set of switches and affordable, standards-based technology, ProCurve is well-positioned for ongoing growth in the LAN switching marketplace."

All the switches are stackable, including the two new higher-end models: the  24-port 2810 24G, which costs £1,172, and the 48-port, 2810 48G, which costs £2,187. The 2800 series are Layer 2 Gigabit managed switch offering secure 10/100/1000 connectivity, in smaller wiring closets.

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