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Huawei to build subsea cables connecting Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand

Stretching 1,300 kilometers, the project marks the first landing of a large high-speed subsea cable network for Cambodia.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

Huawei Marine has announced plans to build a submarine cable system that will connect Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand, with a total design capacity of more than 30Tbps.

It signed a design and deployment agreement Monday with a consortium comprising Telekom Malaysia, Symphony Communication Public Company, and Telcotech. Stretching some 1,300 kilometers, the Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand submarine cable system will provide connectivity between Cherating in Malaysia and Rayong in Thailand, and comprise a branching unit that will establish connection between the main network into Sihanoukville in Cambodia.

According to Huawei, neighoring countries such as Laos and Myanmmar will be able to tap the subsea infrastructure with terrestrial-based networks. The new cable system will support 100G Ethernet technology as well as a total design capacity of more than 30Tbps.

When operational, it will also mark the first time Cambodia will have access to a large capacity, high-speed submarine cable infrastructure.

Huawei said it would deploy its optical amplifier that carries up to six fiber pairs and sports a "slim-line" titanium housing that would allow for simultaneous lay and burial under the seabed.

Expected to be ready for commercial service by end-2016, the network would offer Cambodia and neighbouring countries increased international bandwidth, said Huawei Marine Networks, which is a joint venture between Huawei Technologies and Global Marine Systems.

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