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IBM and Compaq team on storage networking

IBM and Compaq have decided to work together on their network storage products, planning to invest at least $1bn between them
Written by Margaret Kane, Contributor

Compaq and IBM will work together on storage networking products, agreeing to sell each other's products and make their combined hardware and software interoperable. The companies said that they to invest at least $1bn between them.

Compaq has agreed to sell IBM's Shark Enterprise Storage Servers and select Tivoli systems management software, while IBM will sell Compaq's StorageWorks Modular Array storage systems and software an will support Compaq's VersaStor technology for storage area networks.

The companies also each agreed to provide equipment, software and staffing at SAN customer centers.

The worldwide revenue for disk storage and storage management software is expected to hit $53bn by 2003, according to reasearch firm IDC.

By teaming up, the two firms will be able to take on the leader in the sector, EMC. In April, EMC chief executive Mike Ruettgers said the company was doing well against competitors including IBM and Compaq, as well as Sun Microsystems and Hitachi.

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