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Iiyama 17-inch monitor hits UK shores

Monitor specialist Iiyama said it will go into volume production of its high-end Vision Master 17 monitor in the UK next month.
Written by Sameena Shami, Contributor

The Vision Master Pro 17 (£535 + VAT) is a 17-inch monitor capable of displaying up to 1,600 x 1,200 resolution at flicker-free refresh rates, and can be used with PCs, Macintoshes and workstations, according to Iiyama. It previously sold only to Japanese and Chinese markets but will now be manufactured for the UK market near Edinburgh, Scotland.

The monitors are expected to reach a production run of 5,000 units per month by early spring . They will be available from March.

Iiyama can be contacted by telephone on 01438-314417.

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