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Indian telco recruits rickshaw drivers for sales and support

Uninor customers in the Indian state of Maharashtra can soon top up their mobile credit while cruising in an auto-rickshaw, with the telco's new 1,000 vehicle sales and support channel.
Written by Mahesh Sharma, Correspondent
Indian telco Uninor will over the next six months train and equip 1,000 auto-rickshaw drivers to service their mobile customers.
In a statement Tuesday, the company said drivers selected for the "Auto Recharge" project could recharge mobile accounts, complete forms, and provide product information.
The initiative started in Maharashtra with 10 members of the Vishrantwadi Rickshaw Union. They serviced some of the busiest areas including the airport, railway station and Pune bus depots.
autorickshaw uninor
Ritesh Kumar Singh, circle business head for Maharashtra and Goa at Uninor, in a auto-rickshaw with credit top up facilities.
A Uninor spokesperson told ZDNet during the month-long pilot drivers sold up to 15 activations, and on average sold 3,000 rupees and 4,000 rupees of credit (US$72).
The new support channel generates additional income for auto-rickshaw drivers. "Uninor's aim is to train the auto-rickshaw drivers in personality development and sales, which in turn will create a world of new opportunities for them," the spokesperson said.
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