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Innomedia wins top award at Spring Communications Solutions Expo 2000

The winners were evaluated based on innovation, feature-set, and contribution to the future of Internet telephony,communication solutions, and call center products and services.SINGAPORE - 26 June, 2000 - InnoMedia™, Inc.
Written by Joe Rebeiro, Contributor
The winners were evaluated based on innovation, feature-set, and contribution to the future of Internet telephony, communication solutions, and call center products and services.

SINGAPORE - 26 June, 2000 - InnoMedia™, Inc., a provider of Internet telephony products and services, announced today that its InfoGate 3010 product was recognized with a "Best of Show" award at Communications Solutions Expo Spring 2000.

"The InfoGate 3010's fully integrated VoIP solution allows businesses to eliminate intra-company long-distance charges and substantially decrease their long-distance toll charges to outside numbers - facilitating high-quality global voice communications at enormous costs savings," said Rich Tehrani, TMC President and Conference Co-Chairman of Communications Solutions Expo.

The InfoGate 3010 is a self-contained 4-port analog VoIP Gateway, engineered to provide "toll quality" voice service over IP networks with up to 95% cost savings on long distance calls.

It can be connected to an office's PBX, connecting branch offices within corporations, sending voice calls over a private or public IP network virtually eliminating long distance charges for intra-office communications.

In addition to free inter-office calling between InfoGate 3010 gateways, users also will be able to place calls to any phone in over 200 countries via InnoSphere, InnoMedia's global Internet telephony service network.

About Communications Solutions Expo
Communications Solutions Expo is sponsored by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and its publications: Communications Solutions; Internet Telephony; and C@LL CENTER CRM Solutions magazines. Exhibitors at the show nominated fellow exhibitors for their products or services, and editors and engineers from TMC judged the nominations.

About InnoMedia
Founded in 1995, InnoMedia is a privately held multinational organization with operations in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan and China. InnoMedia provides end-to-end IP telephony solutions for consumers, enterprises, service providers and OEM customers.

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