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Internet tops ten million in the UK

The Internet population of the UK has finally topped ten million, according to new research
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

The UK Net population tops ten million for the first time according to the latest research from Net measurement firm MMXI Europe.

Men still dominate the Web, accounting for 51.6 percent of the online audience while women make up 36.6 percent. Men and women also use the Web for different things according to the research: men favouring computer hardware, investment and entertainment sites while women prefer health advice sites, government sites, banks and grocery stores.

Freeserve and the BBC come out among the top British sites with Demon also doing well, coming in at number eight in the top ten global domains visited in the UK. Yahoo! and MSN come in first and second place with Freeserve in third position.

AOL is one of the "stickiest" sites with people averaging four hours surfing per month on its proprietary portal. According to UK managing director of MMXI Europe Mari Kim Coleman the figures prove that the UK online population is becoming more sophisticated.

"The UK Internet population is maturing, and with ten million people now online, we are seeing how consumers are becoming more confident with their choice of sites and how they spend their time on the Web," she says.

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