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Internet World: Intel invests £101m in UK data centre

Intel will invest $150m (£101m) in an Internet application hosting centre in Britain revealed president of online services Mike Aymar, at Internet World Tuesday.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

During the conference's opening keynote address titled The Future of Online Services and Market Trends, Aymar told assembled members of Britain's e-economy that this would facilitate the deployment of their Internet ventures.

"Instead of spending time assembling and managing the diverse and complex infrastructure necessary to run an e-Business solution, our customers can focus on the tasks that truly differentiate their Web sites and services," says Aymar.

The Intel Online Services centre will be built in Reading, west of London and will employ 250 staff.

Intel said that is clients would include oil company BP Amoco and the Web site for this year's Tour de France bicycle race.

Intel has two similar centres in the United States and one in South Korea. Centres in Japan and India are expected to be operational in the next few months.

Intel had earlier announced the new centre, but had not given its location, size or cost.

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Reuters contributed to this report

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