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internetTrack: Nearly half online population female

A European survey from research company NOP has found the number of women going online has increased -- almost half the online population across Europe is now female.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

According to internetTrak -- the third wave of research commissioned by Ziff Davis -- (ZDNet is owned by Ziff Davis) Dell, KPMG and Intel, 39 percent of the Web population is female compared with just over a quarter in 1998.

53 percent of respondents who plan to use the Web in the next six months were women. Lisbet Sherlock, marketing services director for Ziff Davis believes the results reflect the way the Internet is becoming part of everyday life. "As the Web moves out of the domain of the geek, the demographics will reflect it as a normal way of life," she said.

Click here for full internetTrak survey.

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