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Internode boosts broadband download quotas

As of yesterday, customers on Internode's current home and small office plans will get download limit upgrades of between 15 to 37 percent at no extra charge.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Internode yesterday boosted the download limits for many of its home and small office plans by between 15 and 37 percent.

The new download limits only apply to customers on 20GB download quotas or above and will happen automatically, according to an Internode spokesperson.

At the low end, those with 20GB quotas will get a 25 percent upgrade with an extra 5GB at no extra charge each month, while those on 80 or 90GB will get an extra 20GB.

Customers on the 40GB quota stand to gain the most from Internode's new plans, boosted by 37 percent to a 55GB monthly quota.

Internode has warned that customers on older plans will not be able to access the upgraded quotas and the company recommends those customers change their plans.

Full details of the changes can be found on the Internode Web site.

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