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iPhone gets more business apps

Apple's eagerly anticipated handset continues to see more corporate functionality lined up for its U.K. release later this year.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

The online collaboration company WebEx has launched an iPhone-compatible version of its remote-access service, PCNow.

Like NetSuite's software-as-a-service applications for the iPhone, the new version of PCNow will run through the user's in-phone Safari browser. The application will allow access to the user's desktop PC files, as well as Microsoft Outlook corporate email, appointments and contacts.

PCNow also enables the use of full Skype VoIP functionality, including SkypeOut. WebEx, which was recently bought by the networking giant Cisco, says the application will be made available to UK users as soon as the device is launched here later in the year, although US iPhone users can sign up for a free 30-day trial immediately.

WebEx is keen to suggest that using its MediaTone network will keep corporate information secure on the iPhone. The security of the consumer-oriented device is a major concern for many analysts such as those at Gartner, who in June warned businesses to stay away from Apple's handset for a variety of reasons, including not only security but a lack of support from mobile business email providers — a situation that seems to be changing rapidly.

However, last month a team of security researchers claimed to have hacked the iPhone, specifically targeting the Safari browser used for applications such as that announced today by WebEx.

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