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iTwin Connect offers secure network access

New "Teleport Me" feature in iTwin Connect makes setting up a secure Internet access piped directly from your home or office Internet connection a breeze.
Written by Paul Mah, Contributor

Do you travel a lot, and find yourself frequently needing to access files stored on your desktop computer? While the most convenient method would be to rely on a cloud storage service, some businesses or users may not be comfortable with the risks associated with the public cloud.

Enter iTwin, the Singapore-based firm that makes a hardware device of the same name. The small USB flash drive-like appliance is made of two identical halves that hold a randomly generated 256-bit cryptographic key.

Plug one end into the USB port of a desktop machine, and you can use the other end to quickly and easily access the files there from a remote laptop armed with the other half. The iTwin works on both the Windows and Mac platform.

Building on its previous generation capabilities, the company yesterday released a new product in the family called the iTwin Connect. The iTwin Connect inherits the features of its predecessors, and comes with a new feature called "Teleport Me".

In a nutshell, Teleport Me essentially brings the iTwin's traditional ease of use to quickly setup a private VPN connection from a remote machine with a home or office PC to include an Internet connection.

This allows users at public Wi-Fi hotspots or unprotected hotel rooms to securely pipe their Internet through a home or office PC's Internet connection. Moreover, the bi-direction network connection can also be used to access LAN resources without having to dabble with complicated port forwarding or routing.

Finally, iTwin has also set up a number of free dedicated network servers in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The company says this lets users access blocked or geo-restricted sites and services such as Hulu or Amazon Prime. This appears similar to existing VPN services on the market--but without any monthly subscription fees attached.

Twin Connect is available for US$129 at iTwin.com and at Amazon.com.
You can also watch a demonstrational video of the iTwin Connect here:


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