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Jungle cancels Christmas

Bah humbug...
Written by Ben King, Contributor

Bah humbug...

E-tailer Jungle has cancelled 2,500 orders after acknowledging that it won't be able to deliver them before Christmas. Jungle has a policy of cancelling orders that remain unfulfilled for more than 28 days, and routinely cancels around 1,000 orders per month, out of an average of about 75,000 that are successfully delivered each month. Andy Singleton, marketing director at Jungle, said: "I think this is a sign that e-tailers are growing up. Whereas before they would hang on to orders at any cost, we're now acknowledging that we can't be sure of delivering these products on time and giving them the chance to order different products or go elsewhere." He denied earlier reports that the cancellations were due to a fault in a £5m computer system. Despite this batch of cancellations, Jungle is still taking orders for Christmas delivery of goods in stock until 20 December.
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