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Juniper eyes financial services, energy industry with new switch

While Dell's new switches are geared more toward SMBs and mid-size companies, Juniper has its sights set on "latency-sensitive" environments.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Dell isn't the only tech brand with some fancy new switches and networking solutions being unveiled on Monday.

Juniper Networks

followed up with an entry of its own. While Dell's entries are geared more toward SMBs and mid-size companies, Juniper has its sights set on "latency-sensitive" environments.

Think the infrastructures keeping the data flowing at virtually all times for financial services and energy industry corporations.

Juniper's new Application Acceleration (AA) switch along with its Packet Flow Accelerator (PFA) module are tied to a whole swath of other technologies made both by Juniper and other key enterprise tech makers.

That includes power from Intel's x86 high performance CPU, Broadcom switching silicon and Maxeler Technologies' dataflow programming environment for specific application programming, among other contributions.

Looking at the in-house integrations, the AA switch and PFA module benefit from the Junos Space Network Director for automated and data center management, Juniper's Cloud Analytics Engine for high frequency network monitoring, and the foundation of Juniper's QFX5100 data center switch upgrade with a new 40G Ethernet support.

Altogether, they provide for a data center architecture meant for providing constant uptimes on critical real-time processes, such as social media and market data feeds, order execution routing and other business analytics meant for influencing next actions.

The Application Acceleration Switch and Packet Flow Accelerator Module are scheduled to ship this July.

The debut of the AA switch and PFA module follow up a major update to Juniper's switching portfolio in March, reflecting the networking company's strategy to dive into the Internet of Things wave.

Among them was the QFX10000 line of switches, described as "switching with a spine" and built for telco and cloud service providers with support for open source integrations. Juniper highlighted partnerships with VMware and OpenStack, among others.

Juniper's latest forecast calls for roughly 50 billion connected devices belonging to roughly 7.6 billion people by 2020.

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