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Kogan to take ISPOne to court

Kogan is due to meet ISPOne head on in court following the 'unauthorised' disconnection of Kogan Mobile customers.
Written by Michael Lee, Contributor

After launching mobile services in December, and battling through months of customer woes due to acceptable use policy "violations", Kogan is now taking its service provider ISPOne to court.

Kogan and ISPOne are due to appear in the Victorian Supreme Court on Wednesday at 10.30am (AEST).

ISPOne had signed up with Telstra in November last year, becoming the company's first wholesale reseller for its 3G network.

Shortly after, Kogan entered the mobile-services business with a number of plans that offered unlimited calls, SMS, and large data caps. It offered its services over the Telstra network as well, and after the telco denied having any direct relationship with Kogan, it was revealed that Kogan was offering its customers access to Telstra's network via ISPOne.

However, Kogan Mobile was forced to revise its acceptable use policy after some customers began to complain that they had been unable to recharge their plans. These customers had downloaded significant amounts of data or made a large number of calls, but were still, at the time, within Kogan's acceptable use policy.

After the new policy change, Kogan stated that the block was actually put in place by ISPOne and that it "acted without the authority of Kogan Mobile" by doing so.

Kogan has since offered affected customers $50 vouchers to use on its online retail site and welcomed them back on the network, subject to the new acceptable use policy.

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