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Korean Air to sue over Connexion failure

That'll be $12m please
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

That'll be $12m please

Korean Air is to sue plane-maker Boeing over the failure of its in-flight broadband venture Connexion by Boeing.

According to The Korea Times, Korean Air is suing its former supplier for $12m after it had begun to kit out a number of its aircraft to be compatible with the now-defunct service.

The paper said the airline has spent $400,000 equipping each of 29 planes to be able to offer in-flight broadband connectivity. Korean Air had also reportedly been planning to roll out the service to another 25 aircraft by 2008.

Boeing announced the closure of Connexion earlier this month saying there was little demand for the service.

Other customers of the service, Japan Airlines and Lufthansa, told silicon.com they are considering whether to continue offering broadband with an alternative supplier.

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