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Another company jumps on the Linux bandwagon
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

A new Linux distribution will be launched next week by London-based AlphaNet Systems it was announced Thursday.

The new distribution will be based on Red Hat and will come packaged with StarOffice, Citrix MetaFrame client and Easy Soft ODBC Bridge software.

In a statement, chairman of AlphaNet Systems, Tim Stokes claimed he was hoping to play a part in making Linux the most popular operating system in the world. "When you buy our box you are buying a complete solution for 95 percent of computer users, be they at home or in the office," he said.

AlphaNet Systems has also promised that for every distribution ordered from its Web site around £1 will be donated to Linux International, an organisation set to further Linux projects. Shipment will begin Febuary 16.

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