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London Underground claims it's 'Bug ready'

London Underground had an upbeat message for its customers today, claiming "there will not be a problem" come millennium weekend.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

David Bailey, commercial director of London Underground was speaking at the Year 2000 Readiness Conference in London and assured Londoners that the £25m investment by London Transport would be sufficient to cope with any Y2K problems. The completion date for LT's compliance is March 1999.

Nick Raynsford, Minister for London will take a key role in co-ordinating preparedness in London and announced yet another Bug busting group, the London Readiness 2000 team. London Readiness 2000 comprises members from the Government Office, the Association of London Government and the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority.

The team will work to ensure all the critical elements of London's infrastructure -- the utilities, emergency services, health, transport and local authorities -- are prepared for the millennium. Robin Guenier, executive director of Taskforce 2000 hopes this will not be "just another talking shop". He agreed that London needs a voice for the millennium but one that "doesn't simply talk, but takes action too".

Toby Harris, chair of the Association of London Government talked about the importance of contingency planning and the need for all London organisations to share information with each other and the public. "We all expect the lights to come on after the fireworks have ended," he said.

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