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Making sense of the data deluge

The Data Debate: The future of information
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

The Data Debate: The future of information

For most organisations the key to success is manipulating the huge amounts of data they accumulate and generate.

As a result, finding smarter ways of creating knowledge out of raw data will be a renewed focus for organisations of all sizes in the coming year.

And another big questions is whether in tackling the data deluge problem, organisations can also discover new ways of working.

Over the last six months, silicon.com and its sister publication ZDNet UK have been exploring how the changing role of data will impact on the technology decisions that organisations make.

Download this PDF to read more from silicon.com about how the way that companies deal with data will change over the coming years, while ZDNet UK takes a look at one specific technology area of interest: what will it take to build a credible enterprise storage cloud, and what should enterprises be doing in the meantime?

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