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Mass layoffs at Hutchison expected Monday

Wide-scale redundancies are expected at troubled telco Hutchison; staff have been alerted to attend early morning conference calls on Monday.
Written by Rachel Lebihan, Contributor
SYDNEY--Wide-scale redundancies are expected at troubled telco Hutchison next week; staff have been alerted to attend an early-morning conference call on Monday.

Hutchison staff notified the Communications and Public Sector Union (CPSU) of the impending action this afternoon. The Union is now making plans to intervene.

"We’re expecting wide-scale redundancies on Monday," said Union organizer Sean Rahui, expressing concerns that no redundancy provisions have been provided in workers' contracts.

According to Rahui, Hutchison's staff in Queensland have been told to attend a conference call on Monday morning, and three Canberra-based staff will be flown to Sydney for a meeting.

Staff in Victoria are also affected, although the CPSU is unsure of details.

He noted that the CPSU may be lodging action this afternoon in an attempt to intervene.

Hutchison has been contacted for comment.

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