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Micromuse offers root-cause analysis technology

Root-cause analysis software deploys off the shelf to pinpoint the location of Layer 2 and 3 faults in real-time.SAN FRANCISCO, 06 July 2000 - Micromuse Inc.
Written by Ariel , Contributor
Root-cause analysis software deploys off the shelf to pinpoint the location of Layer 2 and 3 faults in real-time.

SAN FRANCISCO, 06 July 2000 - Micromuse Inc., a provider of fault and service-level management software, today announced the availability of Netcool/Precision version 1.0, its offering for the root-cause analysis and auto-discovery market space.

The application, which is based on technology obtained in Micromuse's acquisition of Calvin Alexander Networking, Inc. (CAN) last November, has been fully integrated with the Netcool ObjectServerT, a high-speed in-memory database that is the core component of the Netcool suite.

Netcool/Precision allows operations center personnel to pinpoint the most highly probable location of Layer 2 and Layer 3 faults down to the port/slot address.

The Netcool/Precision application includes a network topology server and probable fault engine.

These components work together to analyze network-wide fault information received from more than 200 environments by the Netcool ObjectServer, allowing Netcool/Precision to isolate sources of network problems that could potentially disrupt network-based business services.

Using patent-pending Network SliceT technology, Netcool/Precision creates a real-time picture of paths through which data traverses the network.

It discovers the most probable cause of the fault at the actual data entry and departure port/slot on a given router or switch, then presents a live ranking of all possible faults in the Netcool EventListT.

This list provides operators with the information they need to immediately begin troubleshooting the problem.

"Our goal is to develop real-time, distributed, scalable, vendor-independent technology solutions that empower service providers and enterprise customers to effectively manage their offerings," said Michael Wood, Micromuse's senior vice president, Software Development and co-founder of CAN. "Netcool/Precision meets that goal by providing a true root-cause analysis technology that is rapid, accurate, and readily adaptable to the ever changing communication industry."

The Netcool/Precision application allows operations personnel to target key business and technology issues such as:

  • What faults do we need to troubleshoot to get my network fully operational again?
  • Is it one of the hundreds of reported alarms or something else?
  • What are the actual paths used for communications in my network?
  • What devices are on my network now and what state are they in?

    "Netcool/Precision delivers the functionality that will allow service providers and enterprises to provide ongoing multi-layer network monitoring and automated fault analysis, allowing them to maintain the uptime of their business services," said Elisabeth Rainge, program manager with IDC in Framingham, Mass.

    The Network Slice technology collects relevant data on multiple levels, rather than just routing logical topology information or MAC layer data.

    Netcool/Precision keeps topology data current and provides accurate Network Slices by not only calculating physical path definitions, but by understanding how various vendors' Layer 2 devices (hubs and switches) and Layer 3 devices (routers) are interconnected in data networks. This also allows it to determine the location of unmanaged devices.

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