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Microsoft calls in police over employee 'abuse' of discount programme

Seven Microsoft IT support staff have been fired for allegedly abusing the company's cut-price software scheme
Written by Dan Ilett, Contributor

Microsoft has called in the police after firing seven people whom it claims have abused its discounted software purchase programme for employees.

Internal investigations found the seven people had abused network access rights, passwords and the employee purchase programme, said a Microsoft spokesperson, who -- citing legal reasons -- declined to disclose further details of the alleged abuse.

Microsoft is also refusing to say if any arrests have been made.

"A thorough investigation found evidence to show that abuses had occurred which are contrary to Microsoft values and policy, and after a careful investigation Microsoft had no choice but to dismiss the employees involved," said the company in an emailed statement.

"We believe we must act in manner consistent with being a responsible business leader and also protect the interest of the vast majority of our employees who are obviously upset to have learned of this abuse of our employee purchase programme," Microsoft added.

The ex-employees were members of the global technical support centre and services teams.

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