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Microsoft schedules Windows Phone developer summit for June

Microsoft is inviting Windows Phone developers to a developer conference in late June. Could both the Tango and Apollo operating systems be on the agenda?
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has begun sending "Save the Date" invitations for an upcoming developer summit to select Windows Phone programmers.

The two-day summit is slated for June 20 and 21 in San Francisco. I've asked Microsoft officials if and when they plan to open registration to interested developers who don't receive the "Save the Date" invitations. No word back so far.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "You should expect a formal registration process as with most events. Will have more details in the coming weeks."

The invitation doesn't specify the topics Microsoft plans to cover at the summit, but many devs expect Microsoft will begin formally disclosing more information about the Windows Phone OS 8, codenamed Apollo, at the event. (Maybe we'll hear more about Tango, too, which Microsoft hasn't said much about it since late February 2012, when Microsoft officials disclosed the Tango bits would be coming to lower-power phones, as well as to existing Windows Phone users some time in the coming months.)

Microsoft officials have shared a few early tidbits about the company's developer story for Windows Phone 8. They have said that existing Windows Phone apps will run on Windows Phone 8 devices, and that Microsoft will continue to allow developers to use XNA to write apps for Windows Phone 8. They've been vaguer about plans for Silverlight support for the new platform.

Company officials have continued to refuse to comment as to whether existing Windows Phone devices will be upgraded to the Windows Phone 8 operating system. I have heard from my contacts that no current Windows Phones, even more recently introduced models like the Nokia Lumia 900, will be getting Apollo.

Here's a list of features that are expected to be part of Apollo, based on various leaked information.

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