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Microsoft taps WorldView for IE VRML viewer

Microsoft has licensed Intervista Software's WorldView C++-based VRML 2.0 viewer to boost Internet Explorer (IE) as a platform for 3D Web site creation.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Available for download now at Microsoft's Web site, WorldView will become the core of Microsoft's VRML 2.0 viewer implementation in IE. WorldView provides navigation controls, speed settings, and a "go to" command that lets users jump within VRML views.

"The agreement moves us closer to making 3D ubiquitous on the Web," said Tony Parisi, president and chief technical officer of Intervista.

Microsoft also today put its Java VRML 2.0 viewer into public beta. The technology is based on technology licensed from Dimension X. Both VRML products will appear as full ActiveX objects in March 1997.

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