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Microsoft's Lync and OneNote apps for Windows 8, Windows RT now in Windows Store

October 26 is not only the day Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs go on sale, but also the date a number of new and finalized apps are hitting the Windows Store.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

October 26: It's the day Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs are available for retail purchase. It's also the day that a number of Microsoft-developed apps for the new platforms are downloadable in final form.


The new, free Windows 8/Windows RT Lync and OneNote apps are available in the Windows Store as of today.

The Lync app, to which Microsoft officials previously referred as Lync 2013 MX is a touch-centric, Metrofied ("Windows Storized"?) version of Microsoft's Lync unified communications client. Lync 2013 MX was not released as part of the Office 2013 Customer Preview in July. The new client is compatible with both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013. It includes Skype federation, meaning Lync 2013 users will be able to see presence, instant message or call anyone on Skype.

The Windows 8/Windows RT version of the Micrsoft OneNote note-taking app, also was previously referred to as an MX app (for Metro experience, perhaps). Microsoft made a test version available to Office Customer Preview testers earlier this year. The new final version features the "Radial Menu," which is a dial-like menu with options for formatting notes, making to-do lists; adding pictures directly from a tablet's camera.

The final version of Microsoft's new Windows 8/Windows RT Skype application, which has been Metroized and rearchitected from the ground-up is in the Windows Store. The re-vamped MSN portal, customized for Windows 8/Windows RT and IE 10, is available now.. Microsoft has refreshed and updated the Windows 8/Windows RT apps built by its Bing AppEx team, too.

In the past day or so, Microsoft has cleared hundreds of new third-party applications for arrival in the Windows Store, as well, including Hulu Plus, Urbanspoon, The New York Times, On October 24, the worldwide total of Metro-style/Windows Store apps was just under 8,000, according to WinAppUpdate.com. On October 26, it still was under 10,000, based on WinAppUpdate's tally.

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