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Netezza's Mantra Vault designed to spot data risks

The analytics firm, which was recently bought by IBM, has unveiled a data-monitoring device called Mantra Vault, designed to predict risks in data transactions
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Netezza on Monday outlined an appliance designed to monitor data and predict emerging risks.

The appliance, dubbed Mantra Vault, analyses transactional data across multiple databases. The idea is that this monitoring will detect real-time risks to transactions flowing through a datacentre. Netezza's umbrella term for this analysis is 'predictive risk analytics'.

According to Netezza, which was purchased by IBM in September, its Mantra Vault is designed to complement existing data activity monitoring (DAM) systems. The appliance is also capable of multi-year audit data retention, analytics and reporting. Mantra Vault works in tandem with Mantra appliances.

This story originally appeared as Netezza rolls out appliance to sniff out data risks on ZDNet.com.

Netezza Mantra Vault image

A diagram detailing the architecture behind Netezza's Mantra Vault. Image credit: Netezza/ZDNet.com

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