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NetTasking.com focuses on South Asia

NetTasking.com has partnered with several companies to concentrate on the South Asia. Read on to find out how they intend to further expand.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

SINGAPORE - NetTasking.com, a next-generaion network management service provider, has forged strategic partnerships with three companies in South Asia. These partners will resell NetTasking.com's revolutionary network management services in South Asia and enable NetTasking.com to further develop its position as a next-generation network management service provider. The company’s next network management service initiative is a comprehensive portfolio of technology, service and process to support the network management needs of service providers and end-users.

"By working with these key industry partners, NetTasking.com will combine its technical expertise with the partners’ strong local market knowledge and customer base to provide open, highly scalable, flexible network management services in South Asia,” said Mr Kelvin Wong, Vice President, South Asia. “You will soon see us expanding these relationships in North Asia and across the globe. Empowered by our partners, NetTasking.com will be the only organisation in Asia Pacific, delivering revolutionary network management services over a virtual infrastructure that spans the globe."

The partnering companies are: Mesiniaga Berhad, Malaysia, Modernform Enterprise Computing Co.,Ltd (MFEC), Thailand and Spanner Corporation, Philippines.

Mesiniaga is a technology company that is focused on providing systems integration services and total Information Technology solutions to its customers.

MFEC is focused on serving business needs for network infrastructure and business applications.

Spanner Corporation is a leading system integrator of information technology solutions in the Philippines.

About NetTasking.com
NetTasking.com is a next-generation network management solution provider in Asia. The company's revolutionary fault detection and management platform, developed by the company’s in-house R&D team and designed to address the specific regional requirements in Asia, provides real-time status monitoring with advanced reporting features, supporting both online and offline (dial-up, Internet or ISDN) operations.

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