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New research shows most of the top 500 global companies recruit online

Recent research shows that more than three quarters of Global 500 companies now recruit online
Written by Andrew Swinton, Contributor

ILogos research in their annual survey of Global 500 companies found that recruitment online has grown 59 percent since 1998. Now 88 percent of the Global 500 companies use Web site recruitment.

In Europe, Global 500 companies increased online recruiting by 10 percent to 83 percent. This compares to growth of 20 percent in the Asia-Pacific region. However in North America in 2001, there was only growth of 1 percent due to a saturation of Web site recruitment.

By 2002 iLogos expects nearly all the Global 500 to recruit online and that online headhunting and back-end automation of recruitment will be the next significant opportunities.

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