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News Burst: Internet hotels to go power crazy

Internet hotels are big, power hungry datacentres that will take over the skylines and eat two times as much power as Bristol
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

Power demand in London will increase by a fifth when ten massive "Internet hotels" housing corporate data centres arrive over the next four years.

Contrary to reports, a London Electricity spokesman is confident that "we are not struggling to keep up with demand -- we have a network that supplies one of the busiest cities in the world, that is constantly having to expand and keep pace with this demand." London Electricity is currently in discussion with Internet hotel developers to ensure that consumers will not be affected by power drains.

These "telco hotels" are expected to cover up to 50,000 square metres, and are said to require enough electricity to power two cities the size of Bristol.

Full story to follow.

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