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News Roundup: NEW unmetered access - updated

There isn't a site in Britain that covers the unmetered debate like ZDNN. Due to popular request, we've updated this section
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Oftel's decision to open up BT's network and allow other operators to offer unmetered services will change the Internet access landscape irrevocably according to experts. But as more and more providers offer bargain deals many find themselves unable to cope. The latest buzz word is quality of service.

ZDNet brings you the latest news and an updated guide to all the services on offer.


Updated unmetered guide

A new wave of cheap Internet deals is expected -- and this time they might even work.

CallNet latest victim of unmetered popularity

CallNet 0800 becomes the latest unmetered ISP to admit it can't cope with demand as it suspends registration Tuesday and hints it may be forced to change its entire business model

Half the UK to be surfing in a year AltaVista predicts

Oftel's BT ruling will result in affordable unmetered access for the UK public. Search engine turned ISP, AltaVista, predicts that half the UK's population will be online in the next year following Oftel's ruling to force BT to offer flat rate services to other operators.

Net prices disappoint

Unmetered Internet access is not the heaven on earth that consumers were expecting as they struggle to cope with complicated pricing and substandard service

LibertySurf suspends service

Latest victim of unprecedented demand for unmetered Net access in the UK

ISPA heralds new age of Net competition

ISPA welcomed Oftel's decision to end BT's (quote: BT) monopoly of the Internet market Thursday but urged the telco to comply with Oftel's demands "without delay".

BT's Net monopoly ends Wednesday

Oftel's decision to end BT's monopoly of Internet services is being hailed as a victory for consumers but experts predict trouble ahead.

BT's SurfTime could die a death

BT's flagship unmetered offering looks decidedly leaky and even the telco admits it could die a death... Jane Wakefield reports

SurfTime only attracts four ISPs

Only four of Britain's estimated 400 or so ISPs will offer British Telecom's SurfTime when it goes live Thursday. Even BT's own Internet firm will only offer a restricted version of the beleaguered service.


A woolly tale of a telco mammoth

BT SurfTime's PR spin has been unable to save it from disaster, as ISPs turn their noses up at the scheme, and consumers finally have the wool pulled from their eyes.

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