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News to know: Leopard firewalls; NSA; Amazon Kindle; Early adopter curse

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Apple admits to ‘misleading’ Leopard firewall settings. Techmeme.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Apple admits to ‘misleading’ Leopard firewall settings. Techmeme.

Rogue anti-malware lures squirming though Skype.

NSA telecom immunity still unsettled in Senate David Morgenstern: Mac users can now give real love to Win

dows NTFS Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft makes November build of Windows Server 2008 available to testers. Microsoft delivers new versions of Microsoft OneCare, Office Accounting

Larry Dignan: Amazon’s e-book coming Monday? Amazon to debut Kindle e-book reader Monday.

Oracle: Even $6.7 billion for BEA is too high

Modern PCs to challenge WWII codebreaker. Gallery (right).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: It's new technology stupid, you should expect problems!

Podcast: Oracle and Sun VMs, Fusion revelations and more...

BusinessWeek: Social Networking with the Elite

Dan Farber: Forrester survey: Dell, HP and Lenovo rule the PC market

Anti-P2P college bill advances in House.

Microsoft: SQL Server licensing to win Oracle customers. Larry Dignan: IBM takes the computing cloud corporate; What cloud will you trust? Dana Gardner: IBM's 'Blue Cloud' signals the tipping point for enterprise IT into services model. Dana Blankenhorn: Will the biggest clouds stay open source?

Slate: The death of email.

Dana Blankenhorn: Ready for WebcamMD? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows error messages--written by robots, for robots Photos: Cracking open the Nabaztag Wi-Fi rabbit (right)

Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com projects $1 billion in revenue for next fiscal year. Network Appliance: U.S. enterprise spending on the wane. BEA quarterly profit up, software sales lower.

Dan Farber: The medium is messaging. Roland Piquepaille: A nanotechnology award for NASA.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry 8130 due in U.S. November 23. AMD unveils line of graphics chips.

Photos: On the fringes of green technology (right).

Silicon Alley Insider: Who else wants to invest in Facebook at $15 billion. No one.

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