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News to know: Supercomputer programming; Oracle Fusion; Patch day; Inbox 2.0

Notable headlines:Ed Burnette: SC07 Day 3: Programming bits and atoms. SiCortex wins Dev Connection "Sexiest in show" award.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ed Burnette: SC07 Day 3: Programming bits and atoms. SiCortex wins Dev Connection "Sexiest in show" award.

Emerging hardware to force drastic changes in programming. George Ou: IBM’s liquid cooled System p 575 Power6 supercomputer. Gallery (right). Dan Farber: Oracle offers a peek at social apps and Fusion.

Bits: Inbox 2.0: Yahoo and Google to Turn E-Mail Into a Social Network. Dan Farber: The new old social network: Directory services and widgets. Ryan Naraine: Microsoft patches URI handling, DNS spoofing flaws. WSUS errors could disrupt Microsoft patch deployments.

DNS-changing Trojan opens Mac OS X floodgates. Microsoft exec calls XP hack 'frightening'.

Paul Murphy: National Security and the PC

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Malware found on new hard drives

EU extends review of Google/DoubleClick merger. EU statement. EU proposes new powers to split up telephone companies.

Mary Jo Foley: One-third of businesses to begin Vista deployments by mid-2008.

Michael Krigsman: Oracle's self-reported project success/failure statistics Dan Farber: Intel CEO Paul Otellini woos the Oracle crowd.

Oracle's ultimate grand Fusion.

Mary Jo Foley: Beyond digital ink: Where Microsoft wants to take data input tomorrow. DeskScapes 2.0: Animated wallpapers no longer just for the Vista elite.

ReadWriteWeb: Hyped New Platforms: Explaining the Difference Between One and the Other. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: My Mac mini experience - Thoughts on the Mac mini. David Morgenstern: Leopard: Trying to love Help Viewer’s new fascist behavior. Jason O'Grady: MacBook nano rumors swirl (again).

Christopher Dawson: E-books galore...for free!

Dan Kusnetzky: HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager software.

Dana Blankenhorn: Google playing games with open source? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Wal-Mart $200 Linux PC--sold out.

AP: WSJ.com to be free.

Larry Dignan: Rackspace’s really bad 36 hours: The Internet is fragile.

Computerworld: China Mobile in talks to sell iPhone.

Matthew Miller: Run the Palm OS on your Nokia Internet Tablet.

Dana Blankenhorn: Best of breed now mean

s open source. Larry Dignan: Best of breed: No need for an obit.

Techmeme: Bebo launches 'Open Media'

Ryan Stewart: Ooyala soft launches Backlot, a video analytics and management tool. Gallery: Ooyala: Backlot (right). Yahoo expands mobile carrier deals across Asia. Report: Yahoo settles with jailed Chinese journalists.

Bruce Chizen on past and prospects.

Russell Shaw: Skype WiFi outage explained: server-host network difficulties. Should students be allowed to tape and post videos of their teachers?

AP: Marvel, other comics go online.

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