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No time to do an MBA - now they come to you

Liverpool University signs up 1,000th online student...
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor

Liverpool University signs up 1,000th online student...

The University of Liverpool has signed up its 1,000th student for its eLearning service. In association with eLearning partner KIT, Liverpool University has offered MBA and MSc courses via remote learning to web users in 50 different countries for the past two years. In that time it has signed up 1,000 students. More than half the students currently studying on the courses are based outside the UK. Furthermore 75 per cent of the students are funded by their employers. The courses are structured in such a way as to make it possible for those in full-time employment to gain a recognised and respected qualification. For most, studying on a campus and having to attend lectures at set times would be too impractical. Often people wishing to gain a further qualification have to take a year or more out of full-time employment. Professor Drummond Bone, vice chancellor of The University of Liverpool, said: "There is tremendous demand from professionals for high-quality Masters degrees that can be completed without interrupting an individual's career path."
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