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NTL set to beat broadband subscriber target

There are plenty asking for it...
Written by Heather McLean, Contributor

There are plenty asking for it...

NTL is banking on busting through its 100,000 cable broadband subscriber target for the year as demand continues to rise, contrary to BT's perception of the broadband market. The ISP currently has 79,000 broadband cable subscribers after demand for the service rose by a whopping 73 per cent over the last quarter ending 30 September 2001. BT has lamented an apparent lack of broadband demand by refusing to roll out any more ADSL exchanges until it sees a definite rise in need, although BT would not stipulate the increase of user numbers it requires. Malcom Padley, spokesman for NTL, said: "The figures speak for themselves. We're exceedingly pleased with our take-up. "However, I agree with BT in that the government needs to encourage take-up of broadband rather than increase roll-out," Padley commented. "We need to build demand and interest among the 60 per cent of the UK's population that have broadband access." Last summer NTL promoted broadband alongside rival Telewest. NTL's financial results for the third quarter reflected the success of this campaign with total revenues including its telecoms and cable TV business rising to £645m, up from £634m in the second quarter.
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