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Obodex offers P-133 notebook for £150 down

The twin rise in popularity of entry-level notebooks and easy buying terms collided spectacularly today with the appearance of a fully-specified unit for £150 down.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

As notebooks have become more popular as users' "first" computers, vendors have been competing to hook buyers through attractive purchase conditions culminating in London-based Obodex's latest offer of a 10 per cent deposit on its GreenNote notebook.

A 133MHz Pentium-based GreenNote with 16Mb RAM, 1Gb hard drive, 12.1-inch dual-scan screen, ten-speed CD-ROM drive, 16Mb video RAM , Type II PC Card slot and sound costs £1,495 + VAT. Buyers can pay instalments or settle with a lump sum within six months and incur no interest.

Obodex can be contacted by telephone on 0181-341 3555.

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