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​Optus plans mobile broadband product launch

Optus CEO Allen Lew has revealed that it will soon be launching a new mobile broadband product.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

Optus CEO Allen Lew has said the telco giant will soon bring a product to the mobile broadband space.

"Clearly, we see a segment in the market that needs a mobile broadband product and rather than just coming up with one that's just a me-too product," he said.

Optus' current mobile broadband offerings include an Optus 4G Wi-Fi modem, a Huawei 4G USB Wi-Fi modem, and an Optus Wi-Fi modem.

Earlier this month, Optus also unveiled its Home Wireless Broadband, a deal that offers 50GB for AU$70. Powered by its 4G Plus network. the new Wi-Fi modem is targeted for renters, regional Australians, and those without reliable broadband.

At time of launch, Vicki Brady, Optus' managing director of marketing and product, said it is the "biggest wireless data inclusion ever offered" on the company's 4G Plus network.

Telstra recently announced it was releasing a Netgear Category 9 mobile broadband Wi-Fi device by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Australia launched its 4G mobile broadband earlier last year with a Cat 4 dongle and a pocket Wi-Fi device.

Lew added that the other area of focus for the company will be to continue to deliver the company's mobile-led multimedia strategy. Most recently, the company signed partnerships with Cricket Australia and the English Premier League.

When asked how the company plans to deliver these services, Lew said that Optus will be looking at multiple ways to distribute EPL content.

"Paid TV is the traditional way of doing it. I think if you look at the way customer behaviour has changed with broadband, with smart devices that will not be the only way we will be putting out the Premier League," he said.

Lew also did not rule out the idea that similar partnerships are in the pipeline.

"Australia is a country where sport engages the country significantly. We will be talking about engaging customers and bundling broadband with something that will get their attention. Sport is certainly one. Cricket being the best national sport, and now with the Premier League, we have a strong platform to build other content," he said.

On Wednesday, Optus recorded a net profit of AU$426 million, up 8 percent from the previous year for the half-year. The company attributed the solid results to its mobile operations, in particular now that its 4G Plus service reaches more than 90 percent of the Australian population.

Similarly, parent company Singtel reported a 5.3 percent year on year boost in net profit for the same period, despite a 13 percent decline in the Australian currency.

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