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Orange lines up Android phone for UK release

The operator expects to release an Android-powered handset for the UK in 2009 — possibly within three months
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Orange is aiming to launch its first Android handset for the UK before the end of 2009, and says the phone could even be out in the next three months.

Yves Maitre, Orange's head of devices, told ZDNet UK at a London event on Thursday that the operator would "definitely" launch an Android phone during this year.

Asked whether the handset would be released within the next three months, Maitre said: "I hope so."

Orange has already released an Android handset in France, although the UK exclusivity deal for that model — the G1 or HTC Dream — went to T-Mobile. Vodafone then acquired UK exclusivity for the HTC Magic.

According to reports, Orange has won UK exclusivity for the HTC Hero, another Android-powered device.

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