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Psion showcases wireless solutions at CommunicAsia

Psion Computers will showcase a range of new products which take advantage of the latest WAP, DAB and Bluetoothtechnologies at CommunicAsia (June 6-9, Singapore Expo).SINGAPORE, 29 May 2000 - PsionComputers's latest wireless solutions to be showcased at CommunicAsia are designed for a wide range of users and applications, for business and entertainment.
Written by Ariel , Contributor
Psion Computers will showcase a range of new products which take advantage of the latest WAP, DAB and Bluetooth technologies at CommunicAsia (June 6-9, Singapore Expo).

SINGAPORE, 29 May 2000 - Psion Computers's latest wireless solutions to be showcased at CommunicAsia are designed for a wide range of users and applications, for business and entertainment.

The company has adopted technologies for wireless connectivity, including WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) and Bluetooth, which allows mobile phones, PDAs, PCs and other electronic devices to 'talk' to each other.

"Seamless connectivity will become a reality for consumers this year," said Charles Cousins, regional manager, Psion Asia Pacific.

"Our mission is to wirelessly connect people to one another and to the Internet - through the development of robust, affordable and easy-to-use mobile data solutions for both corporate and individual users," he said.

In line with this aim, Psion recently announced it is including WAP technology in all its palmtop computers, enabling access to simple text-based Web sites using Psion palmtop computers and a mobile phone.

Psion also announced it has partnered with WIDCOMM, Inc. to use WIDCOMM's Bluetooth solutions for wireless data transmission. Psion is designing a PC card that will provide Bluetooth technology to laptop computers.

Developed to promote the use of wireless communications worldwide, Bluetooth is a specification for low-cost, short-range radio links between a variety of portable and mobile computing devices.

Research company Dataquest has predicted that about 80 per cent of digital handsets and over 200 million PCs will incorporate Bluetooth technology by 2002.

Psion exhibits in detail

  • WAP-enabled Psion palmtop computers such as the Psion Revo and Psion Series 5mx allow users to access simple text-based Web sites using the PDAs and a mobile phone connected via a modem, or wirelessly through infrared.

  • Both the Revo and Series 5mx offer a full-sized keyboard for creation of new data, a touch-sensitive screen display for images and applications such as agenda and contacts, a phone manager, plus e-mail, SMS and Internet connectivity.

  • Psion palmtops will also be bundled with the Opera browser, the first Windows browser with WAP capabilities. Opera is designed to access WAP sites in all sorts of computing devices, including PCs, portable and handheld computers.

  • The Opera browser combines Internet standards compliance with graphics and text layout. Features include e-mail, fast rendering speed, small size, low resource requirements, plug-in support, and 128-bit encryption.

  • The Psion 56K Travel Modem with GSM is the first infrared device of its kind. It delivers modem and GSM communications, and can be connected to the Psion Revo, Series 5, Series 5mx or Series 7.

  • The Psion GoldCard is a GSM- and ISDN-ready high-speed global modem which downloads data at speeds of up to 56Kbps and supports all major mobile phones including Nokia and Ericsson.

  • Wavefinder is the first product to be launched by Psion InfoMedia, a company division dedicated to consumer entertainment and information appliances.

  • The new device is a digital aerial and receiver which transforms a PC into an entertainment device. It allows the user to tune into digital audio broadcasts and decode them into broadcast stations and services for display on PCs as icons, sound, text, images and other data, as well as for connection to the Internet and recording MP3 files.

  • For enterprise applications, Psion provides the new Psion netBook, a mobile computer for mobile workers who need access to e-mail and the Internet, to work on corporate documents while on the move. It provides office and e-mail applications that synchronise with your PC, a a full color screen and a large-size keyboard.

  • The Psion Workabout, a lightweight solution for industry and commerce, offers a choice of development environments plus Web and terminal emulation tools to support both local area and wide area networking.

  • The range includes models which incorporate RF technology, integral laser and wand bar code scanners and infrared communications, plus a variety of peripherals.

    The Workabout RF range provides wireless data access, enabling fast and accurate data capture and retrieval for a variety of mobile computing applications.

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