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QlikTech taps into BI via the iPhone

QlikView for iPhone, which uses multitouch and GPS, takes on Oracle Business Indicators as a way to look at business intelligence while on the move
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

The business-intelligence firm QlikTech has released an application for the iPhone that uses the native multitouch and GPS functionalities of Apple's popular handset.

QlikView for iPhone, which was made available on Thursday, allows users to use finger-swipes and pinches to interact with business data. The application also uses the iPhone's Coverflow feature — usually meant for flipping through album covers — as a means of cycling through analyses. The client software taps into the user's main QlikView business intelligence software to access data, such as that relating to sales, competitive analysis and inventory.

The phone's GPS functionality is used to create location-aware reports. For instance, it will automatically display accounts for clients closest to the salesperson's location when a request for information is made.

Rival mobile applications include Oracle Business Indicators, which was made available as a free download in July last year. QlikView for iPhone can also be downloaded for free from iTunes.

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