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Roundup: Networks Telecom, without the wires

Wireless Internet and m-commerce are hot topics at this year's massive Networks Telecom show
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
M-commerce has invaded this year's Networks Telecom in Birmingham, a 20-year old event that is still the UK's biggest business communications conference. Other big themes include e-business, PC telephony, Internet service provision and Internet security. ZDNet UK brings you the latest news from the show, as well as in-depth coverage of all the issues. NEWS
Networks Telecom: Intel's office in a box
Thu, 29th Jun Also: Alteon's network box and Barron's encryption device Networks Telecom: Telia delivers UK services
Thu, 29th Jun Also: Ethernet storage networks from Quantum ATL, new voice networking suite, and more... Networks Telecom: Foundry aims for carriers
Wed, 28th Jun Foundry goes head to head with Cisco and goes after 10Gigabit market EU to prohibit WorldCom/Sprint merger
Wed, 28th Jun The European Commission said on Wednesday it had blocked the planned $120bn merger of US telecoms giants WorldCom and Sprint because of competition concerns Freeserve posts £17.5m loss, shares drop
Mon, 26th Jun Minutes of use rise to 2.5 billion, but it isn't enough to make investors forget the bad news about T-Online Appliances leave PC with Net access role
Sun, 25th Jun The days of the desktop computer are not over yet Wireless push for IPv6
Fri, 23rd Jun Backbone providers are going to have to move to the next generation of the Internet Protocol Standards switch for VoIP
Sun, 25th Jun The Voice on the Net 2000 trade show in Sweden suggests that a protocol move should be in the pipeline Wireless
Palm to make all handhelds wireless
Wed, 28th Jun The Mobile Internet Kit will enable users to link most Palm cell phones and PDAs to the Web without the wires by year end Rivals ringfence WAP
Tue, 27th Jun Oftel monitors restrictive WAP portals Psion signs Bluetooth deal with Compaq
Tue, 27th Jun Psion said Tuesday it would provide US computer giant Compaq with Bluetooth, a new technology designed to do away with all wires bar the power line Portals Wars II: Mobile operators take on Yahoo!
Mon, 26th Jun If you thought the likes of America Online and Yahoo! had the Internet portal industry pretty much sewn up, then Europe's mobile phone companies would urge you to think again Japanese standard could challenge WAP in Europe
Fri, 23rd Jun cHTML, used by the booming i-Mode service in Japan, is set to invade Europe Security
Networks Telecom: Dedicated intrusion detection
Wed, 28th Jun Detecting intrusions on high speed networks has become an issue as companies rely more heavily outsourced applications as network capability increases. Government backtracks on Internet surveillance
Tue, 27th Jun Government offers to weaken cyber-snooping bill, but some say the changes are only superficial Intel admits wireless security concerns
Thu, 22nd Jun Intel chief exec admits that the future of wireless and mobile technology is overshadowed by security complications Offsite email virus scanning
Mon, 19th Jun Offsite antivirus security to be offered by Network Associates Government beefs up virus and hacking security
Thu, 15th Jun Parliament employs MAILsweeper to protect against email attacks COMMENTARY
Mobile phone viruses are coming
There's no question of whether a mobile phone virus will appear, says Rupert Goodwins - the question is when Wireless ads - unplugged
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