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SAP launches system for eBay garage sale

Dump your excess inventory on 'the Bay'...
Written by Ron Coates, Contributor

Dump your excess inventory on 'the Bay'...

SAP today told its customers that they will be able to make a "huge positive impact on their bottom line" by selling their unwanted inventories on eBay, with SAP software. The company made its announcement today in Orlando, Florida, at its international customer conference. The company promised users that they would be able to use their existing SAP business solutions to sell online. The company said in a statement: "Today, many companies have idle assets that can be remarketed without much effort or investment; however, they lack the processes and technology to so in a cost-effective manner." So, SAP and eBay are to collaborate on a low cost solution that is "designed to deliver a rapid return on investment". Ajit Nazre, managing director of SAP Inspire, said: "We believe that there is a huge opportunity for out entire customer base of more than 19,600 to rapidly make a positive impact on their bottom line by leveraging online marketplaces to help sell their excess inventory and used capital equipment." SAP and eBay will jointly market the system when it is ready in the first quarter of 2004. Both will be involved in educating customers as to the netiquette of selling on eBay. A SAP UK spokesman said that system costs were not yet determined. The system will be based on SAPs Weaver technology and will, initially, be available in the US. The company expects to extend the system to Europe and the rest of the world in short order.
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