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Search is on for Broadband Britain's champions

Are you doing impressive things with your ADSL connection? If so, BT is keen to hear about you
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

BT has launched a competition to track down the companies and individuals who are using broadband in the most original and pioneering ways.

The telco announced on Thursday that the scheme, called the Broadband Britain Challenge, would find the UK's "best and brightest" broadband users.

BT believes the scheme will inspire other people to begin using broadband and encourage those who already have it to do more with it, as well as honouring those who are already pushing back the broadband boundaries.

However, the competition is only open to ADSL users, and someone who is doing fantastic things with, for example, a satellite broadband connection wouldn't be eligible to win.

The Broadband Britain Challenge is made up of several sections:

  • education -- including schools, colleges, universities, e-learning, correspondence courses, pre-school nurseries etc
  • voluntary -- charity and not-for-profit organisations
  • public sector --including local councils, county councils, fire stations, job centres, housing organisations
  • businesses -- firms employing fewer than 250 staff and with a turnover below £27m
  • large corporations -- firms employing over 250 staff and with turnover exceeding £27m
  • youth -- under the age of 26 (for children under 16 years of age a parent or guardian must enter on their behalf)
  • home users -- families or individuals using broadband at home

According to BT, the scheme should help Broadband Britain to grow at the grass roots level.

"We're firmly committed to achieving the government's aim of Broadband Britain and having the most dynamic broadband market by the G8 by 2005," said Philippa Winterburn, head of broadband marketing at BT Wholesale, in a statement.

"I'm confident the Broadband Britain Challenge will play a key role in boosting knowledge and uptake of ADSL," Winterburn added.

The closing date for entries is 11 July, and further information is available at www.broadbandbritainchallenge.co.uk.

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