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Segway update: Insurer offers third party, fire and 'Ginger'...

Will you insure your wonder scooter?
Written by Dawn Kawamoto, Contributor

Will you insure your wonder scooter?

A US insurance firm has announced a policy to cover the Segway Human Transporter - more notoriously referred to as 'Ginger' or 'It'. However, the forward-thinking financiers haven't impressed Segway's creators who insist the device is so safe and has such advanced anti-theft mechanism that insurance is a waste of money. Ben Sheridan, a general manager at Progressive, said: "My hope is they are impossible to steal, or never cause harm or damage, and many consumers feel no need get insurance. But some people who spend $5,000 may say, 'I just want to feel safe and comfortable knowing I'm insured, even though the odds are I will never hit someone.'" The insurance provider's offer comes as Segway is preparing to ship its Human Transporter to consumers on 1 March. Segway, which received approval in 33 US states to allow its transporters on public sidewalks, has recently incurred mounting opposition following a recent ban in San Francisco. What do you think? Will you buy a Segway when they come to Britain? Drop us an email at editorial@silicon.com
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