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Sharp teases UK with colour PIM, wide-screen Net TV

Sharp this week said it will introduce a 5-inch colour PIM and 32-inch Internet TV in Japan and the US but has no plans to release them in the UK.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The M1-10 Color Zaurus is a PIM featuring a 5-inch colour TFT screen with 65,000 colours, pen input, a Web browser, sound capture facility and optional digital camera card. It will be available in Japan from mid-1997.

The 32-inch wide-screen Internet TV, the 32-PC1, features split-screen TV/PC display, a built-in 28,000bps modem, connection jack to a PC, and an e-mail program which lets users compose mail by choosing prepared text from a list without requiring a keyboard. Naturally, the TV comes with a remote control. The unit will be available in Japan from this month.

"These products were designed specifically for the Japanese market," said a spokeswoman for Sharp. "As far as we know, there are no plans to release them in the UK."

Sharp can be contacted by telephone on 0161-204 2633.

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